Ground Handling Questions

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Section A; Shop Safety

1) Identify the function of the wires in a three-conductor plug for 110/220 volt alternation current.
a) White: _________
b) Black: _________
c) Green: _________

2) Material Safety Data Sheets must be available for quick reference in case of a(n) _________ or injury.

3) The hazard index is a numerical rating system for chemical hazards where ______ indicates materials that pose a minimum hazard and a(n) ______ to indicate the maximum hazard.

4) The red area of a hazard label indicates the _________ hazard of the material.

5) A 'K' rating in the white area of a hazard label calls for what type of precaution? _________________________________.

6) Screw jacks have a _________ while plain hydraulic jacks have a _________ in the shaft for a safety pin.

7) When jacking an aircraft from the landing gear struts, both wheels (should or should not) _________ be raised at the same time?

8) When raising an aircraft for a retraction test, all the jacks should be raised _________.

9) When raising the nose by placing weights on the horizontal stabilizer, the weights should be placed along the _________.

10) Never use _________ base lubricants on oxygen fittings.

11) Overloaded _________ are a major cause of fires in a shop.

12) _________ Can cause a spark and ignite flammable dust and over spray.

13) With a magnesium fire, a class _________ extinguisher should be used.

14) If welding is to be accomplished in the hanger, no other aircraft should be within _________ foot/feet of the area.

15) Identify these fires by their proper class:
a) Fire involving a flammable metal such as magnesium is a class _________ fire.
b) Fire involving combustable liquids such as gasoline is a class _________ fire.
c) FIre in whcih there is energized electrical equipment is a class _________ fire.
d) Fire involving ordinary combustible materials is a class _________ fire.

16) The three requirements for a fire are:
a. _________ b. _________ c. _________

17) Match the fire extinguisher to the type of fire for which it is best suited:
1. Water 2. Carbon Dioxide 3. Dry-Powder 4. Halon 1301
a) _________ Engine compartment fire
b) _________ Paper fire in an aircraft cabin.
c) _________ Brake fire involving a magnesium wheel.
d) _________ Induction system fire while starting a reciprocating engine.
e) _________ A fire caused by an electrical heater in the shop with power still applied to the heater.
f) _________ Wood fire behind the hanger.

18) Match the shape of the symbol used to identify a fire extinguisher with the class of the fire for which the extinguisher is best suited.
a) Triangle = class _________
b) Square = class _________
c) Star = class _________
d) Circle = class _________

Section B; Flight line safety

1) Hearing protection should be worn any time a _________ engine is running.

2) Continued exposure to noise levels will produce _________ hearing _________.

3) When entering or leaving the cockpit of a running helicopter, the tail rotor can always be avoided by staying in the pilot's _________ of _________.

4) When facing downwind, the elevators should be locked in the _________ position.

5) _________ rope can shrink when wet and cause damage to the aircraft's structure.

6) The _________ knot is best for attaching rope to tiedown points.

7) Aircraft operating areas should be kept clean of objects that could get sucked into engines, resulting in _____________________

8)If a severe wind is expected, _________ _________ may be used to destroy lift on the wings of aircraft tied out-of-doors.

9) Ski planes may be secured using a(n) _________ _________ anchor constructed at the tie-down site.

10) A steady red lilght signal from the control tower to an aircraft which is taxiing indicates that the aircraft should _________.

Section C; Servicing Aircraft

1) Always make sure that the _________ of the APU and the _________ of the airplane are the same.

2) A Hydraulic power unit is sometimes referred to as a _________.

3) MIL 5606 hydraulic fluid is colored _________.

4) Is Skydrol is accidentally introduced into a system using 5606 fluid and the system operated, the _________ system will have to be cleaned and all _________ replaced.

5) An oxygen service cart uses the _________ system to increase pressure in the aircraft system.

6) Only compressed oxygen bottles labeled _________ _________ _________ may be used to service aircraft systems.

7) When storing the oxygen servicing cart, it should be parked away from all sources of _________ based products.

8) The two general categories of aviation fuel in use today are:
a. _________ b. _________

9) There are currently three grades of aviation gasoline in use, they are:
a. _________ b. _________ c. _________

10) Avgas is dyed for identification purposes. Indicate the color of dye used for each of these avgas types.
a. Avgas 80= _________ b. Avgas 100 = _________ c. Avgas 100LL = _________

11) There are currently two types of turbine fuel in use:
a. _________ b. _________

12) Water occurs in aviation fuel in two forms, namely:
a. _________ b. _________

13) Water which is suspended in tiny droplets in the fuel is known as _________ water.

14) Turbine fuels may be checked with a _________ test to detect microscopic solid contaminants.

15) The principle effects of micro-organisms that may grow in turbine fuel are:
a. ______________________________________________
b. ______________________________________________
c. ______________________________________________

16) Soap or detergent like agents that occur in fuel are called _________.

17) The greatest single danger from contaminated fuels can be attributed to _________ error.

18) A piston engine _________ (will or will not) run on jet fuel.

19) When starting a reciprocating engine, the carburetor heat control should be in the _________ (hot or cold) position.

20) If an induction fire occurs while starting a reciprocating engine, you _________ (Should or should not) continue cranking.

21) A turbine engine start where ignition occurs and the exhaust gas temperature exceeds the allowable limits is called a _________ start.

22) A _________ start is one in which the turbine engine starts, but does nto accelerate enough for the engine to be come self-accelerating.

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