Physics Questions

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Section A; Matter and Energy

1) ________ Anything that Occupies space and has weight.

2) When atoms bond together they form a(n) ____________.

3) A(n) ________ is the smallest particle of a chemical element.

4) The hydrogen atom is the simplest atom, having only one _______ and one ________.

5) There are ______ known elements.

6) The three physical states of matter are:
a. _____________
b. _____________
c. _____________

7) The _________ of a material is the amount of matter a body contains.

8) _________ is the force with which the gravity of the earth attracts a mass.

9) The formula for calculating the mass of an object is: Mass= _______________

10) The acceleration due to gravity is ________ feet per second, per second.

11) The _______ of a substance is its weight per unit volume.

12) Density may be expressed by the formula: Density=____________

13) The ratio of the density of a solid or liquid to the density of water is known as _________ ________.

14) Specific gravity may be expressed by the formula: Specific Gravity=___________________

15) The specific gravity of gasses is measured using _________ as the reference.

16) The device used for measuring the specific gravity of liquids is known as a ____________.

17) The specific gravity of pure water, as indicated by a hydrometer is __________

18) The specific gravity of a fully charged lead-acid battery is between ________ and ________

19) Energy is the capacity of an object or a body to preform __________

20) Energy may be classified as _________ or __________

21) Energy stored in a stretched spring is an example or ___________ energy.

22) Energy in a spinning flywheel is an example of ____________ energy.

23) One horsepower is equal to _______ watts of electrical energy, or __________ foot-pounds per minute of mechanical energy.

Section B; Work, Power, Force, and Motion

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