Test 2

1. The inside of some cylinder barrels are hardened to the depth of .015 to .025 by a process called.

2. Which statement is true concerning a four-stroke cycle aircraft engine.

3. When is the fuel-air mixture ignited in a conventional reciprocating engine?

4. Ignition occurs at 28 degrees BTDC on a certain four-stroke cycle engine, and the intake valve opens at 15 degrees BTDC. How many degrees of crankshaft travel after ignition does the intake open? (Consider one cylinder only.)

5. Valve overlap is defined as the number of degrees of crankshaft travel

6. When timing the valves of a fully assembled radial engine, what would be the result of failure to eliminate any backlash (cam float) that may exist in the mechanism.

7. The operating valve clearance of an engine using hydraulic tappets (zero lash lifters) should not exceed.

8. If the exhaust valve of a four-stroke cycle engine is closed and the intake valve is closing, the piston is on the

9. If the hot clearance is used to set the valves when the engine is cold, what will occur during operation of the engine.

10. The purpose of two or more valve springs in aircraft engines is to

11. Another name for the piston pin is a ___________________ pin.

12. Most piston rings are made of high-grade ___________________

13. The cylinder assembly is composed of two major parts ___________________, __________________

14. There is a greater depth and area of cooling fins on the ___________________ side of an air-cooled cylinder head.

15. Most aircraft pistons are machine from ___________________ alloy forgings.

16. The top rings installed on an aircraft piston are called ___________________ rings.

17. The two methods commonly used o harden the cylinder walls are: ___________________ & ____________________

18. Th purpose of a quill shaft on a geared engine is to:

19. Piston rings are classified according to their functions, name these two functions ___________________& ____________________

20. To provide good smooth running engines the pistons should be balance to within ___________________ grams.

21. The cold clearance for the valves on an engine is usually much less than the hot clearance. This is true except when the engine is equipped with an ___________________.

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